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Hofmark (HOF)

Greetings from Bavaria!

   More than 400 years of brew-tradition as a family brewery, the HOFMARK Brewery from Bavaria, located next to the Czech boarder in the Bohemian Forest.

   We brew very natural only with water, malt, hops and yeast and of course per German Reinheitsgebot, the "law of pureness". We have one of the world's finest soft brewing-water and can use it as natural as it comes out of our deep well. This brewery is specialized in brewing and bottling different kinds of top- and bottom- fermenting beers and also various kinds of packaging. Therefore we got the packaging award and top honor from CMA-Germany and gold medals for authentic beer quality.

   We have experiences in export to top food-vendors all over the globe. We are probably the smallest - but finest export-brewery in Germany and send our beer specialties to Spain, France, UK, Peru, USA, Australia and other countries. We are also bottling for Top Customer like KaDeWe-Berlin as well as Harrods-London in their own brand-mark private label.

   The swing-top-beer specialties “Das feine Hofmark" are described by Michael Jackson, the famous expert in drinks Journalist and “Beer Hunter" as one of the best balanced beers in the world.


Exclusive Distribution Territory:



Shipping Unit:

One Single Product Pallet (EPAL 120x80 cm)


Min Order:

1 Pallet


Max Order:

20 Pallets of not more than 44,000 lbs.


Brand "Das Feine Hofmark"

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